Shining some light on solar myths

Solar won’t work where we live. The climate is too cold and cloudy.

Fact: Solar panels are actually more efficient at cooler temperatures rather that hot ones.

In fact, when solar panels are cold, they are able to better conduct electricity. UV light is all that’s needed and even the cloudiest of places have excelled.

Solar panels require constant maintenance

Fact: The panels need very little maintenance or cleaning, not to mention that the average warranty is good for 25 years!

Solar systems are too expensive.

Fact: Solar is more affordable than ever before. In every state, incentives cover at least 30% all the way up to 85% of the system costs. The cost for watt, installed, is at an all time low of about $7. Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance. Though the sun is 90 million miles from earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much distance. Solar energy is already cheaper than coal, and nuclear power.

I can’t use solar energy because I don’t have southern exposure.

Fact: East/west exposure is also effective for photovoltaic systems.

Renewable energy is still science fiction

Fact: Countries such as Germany, Portugal, China and South Africa use reliable renewable energy technology.