Pavilion Project

6/19/15 Update:

solar panel groundThe Solar Pavilion Project became a reality this week as a 9.4kw system was installed on the roof of the pavilion at South Cove. This all started quite some time ago with the Energy Subcommittee’s desire to educate its members and the community on how to improve Eastman’s use of energy and reduce our carbon footprint. The pavilion roof was selected as the location where we could all observe first hand the benefits of solar energy. So let the sun shine!

In it’s first five years of operation it will generate an estimated $8,241 in electricity. After the LLC, which was created to finance the project, has recovered its investment plus a modest 6% return, the equipment will be donated to Eastman.  It will continue to produce electricity for at least 25 years, and in those 25 years it will generate an estimated $60,150 in electricity, at no cost to Eastman. So Eastman will realize savings of more then $60,000 in electric costs over the next 25 years.


Pavilion Project Details

Working with the Eastman community, we would like to put a small demonstration photovoltaic system on the roof of the Pavilion at South Cove. This project will help us develop a knowledge base within the community for a larger scale and/or community solar project down the road.


The Pavilion solar system will be:

  • 36 panels totaling 9.4kW (DC). They will be mounted on the roof facing south-west.
  • It will generate 10,410 kWh in the first year, which is more than a typical Eastman household uses in a year.
  • The solar energy produced will eliminate 3.74 tons of CO2 per year and will eliminate 112 tons in the life of the system.

As a result of this project, Eastman will get a small solar system, without expending any community funds.

The project will be financed as a community based LLC and power generated by the system will be sold to Eastman via a 5(ish) year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). After the conclusion of the PPA the system will continue to generate electricity for 25+ years and will generate an estimated $75,000 in energy. (* assuming 3% annual PSNH Eversource rate increase).

At the end of the 5(ish) year power purchase agreement, system ownership will transfer to Eastman.

SunWhy a Solar PV Project at the Pavilion?

  • Helps meet Eastman Plan 2020 objectives.
  • High profile renewable energy demonstration.
  • Raise awareness of energy usage and issues within Eastman.
  • Encourage residents to consider energy efficiency and renewable energy at their houses.
  • Small pilot project to lay groundwork for larger, distributed, community investor-based renewable energy production project down the road.
  • Larger projects under consideration have potential to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, provide energy certainty, price predictability and reduce purchased energy.

For more information:

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