NH Senate Energy Committee approves bill to raise cap

From Kate Epsen
Executive Director, New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association

Good news – thanks to everyone’s hard work and involvement, directly after the HB 1116 hearing in the Senate Energy Committee yesterday the committee passed the bill (as amended by the House to raise the cap to 100 MW) 5-0 as ought to pass. This means that it goes with unanimous approval to the full Senate next Thursday for a vote. After that, it’s straight to the Governor for signing.

Thank you all for all of your time in Concord, emails, phone calls, and great efforts to ensure NH continues to support solar, small hydro, and net metering. We all know it’s not perfect, and that the 10 MW carve-out for large scale projects is insufficient to meet demand, but this is a great step forward for the renewable energy market and shows that the state recognizes its growth and role in our state. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are making progress.

I will continue to keep you all apprised about the full Senate vote result, bill signing, and the PUC proceeding that is set to begin within 3 weeks of bill passage.

Please feel free to thank the members of Senate Energy, (particularly Senator Sanborn) as well as the bill sponsors, Rep. Fran Edelblut and Senator Jeb Bradley.


Update: The bill has been passed and signed by Governor!