Eastman Energy’s purpose:

  • Help people conserve energy
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy sources
  • Provide information on energy systems, solar, geothermal, and air heat pumps for individuals and for groups
  • Address the 2020 goals of reducing the carbon footprint by 25%
  • Address financial issues
  • Pursue available funds for meeting goals
  • Keep the community informed about current projects
  • Encourage a dialogue about goals


Energy Trivia

  • solar-power

    It would take only around 0.3 percent of the world’s land area to supply all of our electricity needs via solar power.


  • Sun_Transparent_PNG_Clipart

    Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance. Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much of distance.

  • Bio gas from cow manure

    Killington VT ski resort uses cow power (biogas) which is energy created with manure from VT’s dairy farms. It is broken down by bacteria to biogas and then converted into electricity.

  • ground-pole-mount-system picture

    Solar energy can also be used for making potable, brackish or saline water. Without using electricity or chemicals, waste water can be treated. Creating salt from sea water is also one of the oldest uses of solar energy.

  • images

    The Earth receives more energy from the sun in an hour than is used in the entire world in one year.

Residential Ground Mount 1

Renewable energy is abundant…

and becoming less expensive!

  • Every day the sun provides enough energy to meet the power needs of people the world over for an entire year. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, wind will produce 1,000 gigawatts (One gigawatt will energize 750,000 homes).
  • Geothermal, with new technologies, will be accessible anywhere with a projected production of 518 gigawatts, which is enough to supply all of the housing energy needs for the country. The whole country!
  • It’s good for individual wallets and family budgets, for towns, states, and our entire country. When asked, 84% of us say we want clean energy, and we are willing to pay for it, but soon non-fossil energy will be cheaper than electricity generated from burning coal, oil, gas, or anything that was being made when the dinosaurs roamed this earth.